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What does Design+Build mean to you?
In short, it means you make one phone call, deal with one company.  From initial meetings, through the design and building process, one company does it all.  What follows is a detailed description of how it all works. 

The mackmiller design+build Process provides:
  • a one-stop shopping approach to your building and remodeling needs with:
    • professional quality design and working drawings
    • project management
    • project delivery
  • a single point of accountability between you and the variety of services used to finish your home.
  • the contractor as your advocate to ensure details from design to the finishing touches are completed in a timely manner, within budget and of high quality.
  • efficient use of services, ensuring no idle time is absorbed by the project or as needless overhead, thereby lowering overall cost.

The mackmiller design+build Process is better for you than the normal remodeling process because:
  • it simplifies the building experience by bringing design, management and delivery under one roof.
  • you know exactly who to bring your concerns to.  There is only one conductor in the orchestra.
  • design and material selection is tailored to your taste and style and is coordinated throughout the project.

The mackmiller design+build Process provides:
  • a three phase design process that allows you to pursue working with md+b with minimal risk:
    • Conceptual Design
    • Preliminary Drawings
    • Construction Drawings
  • at each point in the design process, you have the ability to proceed at your own speed and comfort level, or cease the process all together up until the final contract is signed. 
  • your monetary investment in the process is incremental.
This incremental approach allows you and md+b the chance to feel comfortable with each other before deciding whether or not to proceed.
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